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John Frigon Insurance Services
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 Going the Distance for Small Business Owners 
“My goal is to help employers reduce premium expenses while allowing them to create a customized benefit plan that attracts and retains quality employees.”

John Frigon has learned over the years how benefit planning and can quantitatively and qualitatively improve a company's morale and profitability.

By attracting and retaining quality employees, maintaining morale, and ensuring that a plan optimizes benefits without breaking the bank, John helps business owners secure their financial futures.

John utilizes modern benefit plan designs. By saving the owners money and customizing their plan, he helps them put more money back into the company's operating budgets. Often, owners are able to achieve new objectives based solely on the money John saves them.

Instead of rote, bundled plan solutions, John assembles plans suited to the long-range aims of plan sponsors. If your plan inadequately rewards upper-echelon employees, he'll show you the weaknesses and suggest creative modifications. If you're incurring hidden costs you shouldn't put up, he'll let you know. And if your existing benefit plan is just fine for your company, he'll tell you.

John designs or upgrades group health and group benefit plans, and retirement savings plans. His innovative solutions help business owners protect themselves and adjust to changing times.

The benefit market is changing. Many business owners feel they can't control or anticipate the cost of plan premiums. But John can help you structure group health plans to control your premiums and attract and retain quality employees.

Call or e-mail John today. You'll be glad you did.
John Frigon Insurance Services
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Aptos, CA 95003
Phone: 831-685-8407

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